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Though I’ve said this before, I’m done with Tumblr. I used to save up images and post things to remind me of what I enjoyed, or what aesthetics were pleasing to me, but now there is very little out there that seems to resonate. After hearing that Tumblr’s “Community Guidelines” were censoring previously posted images, I realized the banality of the transformation of this blogging platform into another wasteful and vapid online activity.

So I’m saying goodbye to anyone who has followed me or talked to me over this website. If ever again there is a presence of mine on Tumblr, it will be purely professional, and I do not intend to engage in this “aesthetic” hoarding I previously used as a crutch for creativity. The days where I am interested in doing so have faded, for popular culture and fashion are no longer running alongside my interests, which have failed to adapt to this motion. The mid 2000s up until 2010, there was some cool shit going on, and I wonder where it all went. In my head, these times are remembered with fondness, but I can hardly recall an accomplishment of mine that made me feel worthwhile or contributed to the growth of the person I wish to become, or wish to have been by the time I’m on my deathbed.

A fond, and remorseless farewell, Tumblr. It’s been strange, and I’ll never know what to make of you. Hopefully, I’ll never have to.



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Where do these bots even come from anyway?